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Log In Issues

  1. If you cannot log in because you have forgotten your password, select “Forgot Password” from the Sign In page. A new password will be sent to your email.
  2. Typically, the user name is your email address. If you are unsure of your user name or if nothing you enter is recognized on the Log In page, contact your facility administrator to request your user name.

Portal Navigation

  1. Arrowing back or forward in the web browser bar will cause users to log out of MCCN.
  2. Copy the link in the address bar, and add a short cut to your desk top by right clicking on the desk top, select new, select shortcut, right click and paste in the Type the location of the item: space, select next, type a name for the shortcut “MCCN”, and select finish. Plus, add the MCCN portal to your favorites for easy access.
  3. If the Drop-Down Lists are not showing data, check the internet browser version. MCCN is compatible with Safari, Chrome, and IE 9. Not compatible with Firefox.

Facility Profile

  1. When setting up your facility profile, select the service type that is appropriate for the facility. Service type drives the referrals that will be received. The service type selected is based on the facility licensure. For example: A Skilled Nursing Facility would choose “Subacute”, “Nursing Home”, and “Skilled Nursing Facility” service types. “Dialysis” would not be selected unless the facility is licensed as a Dialysis Center.
  2. Enter a facility email address. This can be the same as the Facility Administrator or Corporate Administrator when the facility does not have an email address.
  3. In order to manage multiple facilities from one portal site, a help ticket will need to be submitted to add the additional facilities.

User Setup

  1. When initially setting up “Your Profile”, keep “Permissions” set to “Facility Administrator”. If it is changed to “Facility User”, the ability to add users, and update the facility profile will be lost.
  2. Have at least two user permissions set as “Facility Administrator”. This will allow at least two users to add additional users, inactivate users, and manage facility profile changes.
  3. User emails are best associated with an employer address as opposed to personal email addresses. For example: as opposed to,
  4. Once users are added, the “Facility Administrator” will need to email new users with their user id, temporary password, and MCCN portal link. Portal Link:
  5. Place a check mark in the check box next to the facility that a user would need access to, in order to receive referrals for that facility.
  6. When an employee no longer needs access to the portal, inactivate the user by removing the active check mark in the user profile.


  1. When a new referral displays on your portal worklist, change the new referral drop down to the appropriate open status. This allows users to see that the referral is currently being reviewed. Change the referral status to accepted or declined to inform the hospital of your decision.
  2. Use the internal notes field for entering notes about a referral and/or assign a user to the patient. This field is only visible internally to your company.
  3. Referrals will remain on the portal for 1 year.


  1. When a packet fails to open, Turn off popup blocker, and reset cache. To turn off popup blocker, go to internet tools, popup blocker. Select “Turn off popup blocker”. To reset cache, go to internet tools, internet options, select “Delete”, check mark “Temporary Internet Files”, “Cookies”, “History”, “Download History”. Then, select “Delete”.

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